The Point Rewards system is the service created in order to show our assessment to everybody choose the Booky for the main tool of making reservations. When you complete the target of 1000 or 2000 points you can redeem your reward on the reservation complete form.

1000 points

10 Extra Discount

2000 points

25 Extra Discount

How can i earn points

Make a new reservation +100 points

You will earn 100 for each reservation that is completed. In case you cannot go to the restaurant you must cancel your reservation. Otherwise you will lose reward points.

Share your reservation of facebook +25 points

You can share to facebook your reservation and earn 25 points. Don't worry your reservation details will not get published, only the name of the restaurant.

Write a restaurant review +25 points

You can make a review 48 hours after the reservation is completed and earn 25 points. After your reservation you will get an email to remind you to make the review and don't loose your reward.

Invite friends to join Booky +50 points

Invite your friend to Booky and get rewarded with 50 points once they register to our system. You can find your referral link when you are logged in your dashboard.