Rancho Bar & Grill

106 Archiepiskopos Makarios III Avenue, Kato Lakatamia, Nicosia
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You don`t have to go very far to visit the Far West, in fact you can find it very near, at Rancho in Lakatamia, Nicosia. The interior is inviting with its wooden tables, red-brick colored walls, the red carpets and statuettes of Indians will make you feel that you are in North America, so preparing you for an American gastronomic journey. But when the weather is warm, the largest garden in Nicosia - with its lush greenery, tall palm trees and waterfall - alligned with tables ready to be covered with cold appetizers, salads and of course a wide range of mouth watering steaks. For those who prefer not to eat meat dishes there is also a selection of vegetarian and seafood dishes.


Over Rating
Stavros Koulas
3 years ago

Great steak

Constantinos Christoforou
4 years ago

Excellent food