Fat Fish

Promachon Eleftherias 8/1 @ Limassol Nautical Club Limassol, Cyprus


We are committed to using the, finest and freshest (when possible) products to determine what we’ll feature on the menu. The chefs lead the way in menu and recipe development and utilize new methods & recipes incorporating them into the menu where ever possible.

In addition we believe that wine and beverage has an equal importance in the dining experience, as with the food and the service of the restaurant. After all, since antiquity, wine was always accompanied by a meal. 

We are committed in providing a professional service, a wine cellar & refrigeration at proper temperature facilities and preserving older, hard to find and obscure wines. It is our mission to be able to offer these wines while finding them from local distributors and importers or import them directly.

The success of our restaurant depends on the personality and service provided by our staff. All members of our team contribute to our success with their manners, attitude and the sincere desire to offer warm, expert and efficient service to our guests.


Over Rating
Marina Perikkou
6 months ago

Very good service. High quality food. Well recommended

Vyron Ydreos
4 years ago

Below average. If you are a regular you get fresh fish, if you are not, you won't. We didn't, and wouldn't even dare think to return.